SplitMoney Mobile and Online Banking Commercial Script

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Building A Voice Over Business In Africa

The voice-over business is an untapped goldmine in Africa. It is likely to gain more investors’ attention in the coming years.

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Trust is an important feature any good mobile and online banking commercial has. Mobile banking commercials often show the fact that you can trust them, and that it is always accessible, no matter where you are in the world. You don’t need to go to a physical bank to access your funds. These commercials will appeal especially to the generation who grew up with smartphones or people who love the internet and tech. 

Whether you move in the air, on a boat, or traveling somewhere unknown, you will always have your funds with you, and they will always be safe. You don’t have to carry around large sums of money, but you can actually just have your phone with you and access your account at any time! 

Gender Female
Length 50′
Target Demographic Upwardly Mobile, Youth
Script Characters Energetic and Conversational
Vocal Direction Down to earth, Girl next door
Suggested Music Mid paced


SplitMoney Mobile and Online Banking Commercial Script
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