Why Voiceover Drill?

Voiceover Drill helps individuals build profitable careers in the ever-evolving voiceover industry. Whether you are looking to build a voiceover business or career; our collection of hands-on modules and industry-standard scripts equips individuals and voiceover entrepreneurs to develop the expertise required to succeed.

Our library of practice scripts cover the following industries:

Car Commercial Scripts

Entertainment Commercial Scripts

Commercial Scripts

Explainer Video Scripts

Events and Special Occasion and Lots More!


Practice Makes for Perfection!

  • Word-Class Instructors: Learn from experienced, industry finest voiceover veterans and practitioners.
  • Access Practice Scripts: Get engaging scripts and performance exercises to practice and receive feedback from industry veterans.
  • Become a VO Entrepreneur: Learn the business basics every voiceover actor needs to excel in the industry.
  • Negotiate Wisely: Find out what the VO industry rates are and learn how to correctly charge for your services.


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